EZCast Product Highlight

Soutien multimode : Miracast , Airplay , DLNA
EZCast prend en charge les toutes les normes de Miracast , Airplay et DLNA . Contrairement à d'autres cartes graphiques WiFi supporte un ou deux normes / protocoles supports , EZCast offre un soutien total de Miracast , Airplay , DLNA .

Le support multi - OS : iOS , Android , Windows , Mac OS
Différent des autres dongles affichage WiFi , qui soutiennent seulement un ou deux OS , EZCast offrir un soutien universel pour la plupart des OS : iOS , Android , Windows et Mac OS . Il suffit d'installer l' utilitaire EZCast / APP / APK respectivement , tous les OS sont supportés.

Support multi - dispositif : iPhone / iPad , Android smart PC téléphones / tablettes , PC Windows , Mac PC
Contrairement à d'autres cartes graphiques WiFi qui ne supportent que un ou deux appareils , EZCast en charge tous les appareils tels que l'iPhone / iPad , Android à puce PC portables / tablettes , PC Windows , Mac PC , etc


Stream while Screen Casting
EZCast offers screencast not only for files saved locally in smart phones, tablet PC’s, Windows/Mac PC, but also for online web and files. It means EZCast offers not only peer-to-peer service but also can also work as a soft AP + repeater, so that users can screencast while streaming on internet.

Simple to Use
All the devices supported come with uniform interface, thus the smart phones, tablet PCs, Windows/Mac PC can work as remote controllers, there’s no need for switch for different work mode by pressing any physical button.

Most Cost-effective
Last but not least, EZCast is cheap and affordable. Interested party please feel free to contact us.