EZCast Dongle - Universal WiFi Display Adapter for Miracast, Airplay, and DLNA

EZCast Dongles Comparison

We have now several EZCast universal WiFi display dongles. New customers may feel confused or uncertain to make a right choice. Thus we worked out the comparison table for our EZCast adapters to facilitate the choice among them.

                                                    EZCast Dongles Comparison Table

Item Latest WiFi Antenna Connection Performance Recommendation
VMD-EZ155 ***** Built-in External ***** ***** *****
VMD-EZ154 ***** Built-in External ***** ***** *****
VMD-EZ151i **** Built-in External ***** ***** *****
VMD-EZ153 ** Isolated on-board *** **** OEM for a China brand
VMD-EZ152 * Isolated on-board *** **** Many copies and dealers
VMD-EZ151 * Isolated on-board *** **** World's 1st EZCast dongle